Queen Luxus Efraim G'Terris VI

Queen Luxus in a rare pictograph

Her Highness, Queen Luxus Efraim G’Terris VI, rules Nereid from it’s paradisaical moon of Ember. Her Highness’ rule has extended over 110 years and is characterized by unswerving loyalty to the Emperor and pious hatred of the threats to mankind in this most trying time. A steadying force in the Moesan star system, generations of Nereidians look to the skies in thanksgiving for her wise rule.

Audiences may be gained for a nominal fee which does not include transport or lodging in Ember. Please contact Her Majesty’s Department of Grace and file a “Supplicant’s Request, Form Imperii” for further details.

Persons of Worth

Queen Luxus Efraim G'Terris VI

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